"Too many young musicians today want to win polls before they learn their instruments."
-- from press kit

"I feel that after you´ve done all the work and prepared as much as you can, what the hell, you might as well go out and have a good time."
-- Seattle Times, 1979

"If a guy´s got it, let him give it. I´m selling music, not prejudice."

"That night at Carnegie Hall was a great experience. When the thing was first put up to me I was a little dubious about it, not knowing just what would be expected of us. But as soon as it was understood that we could handle things in our own way, and let the people listen to it as they would any other kind of music, the proposition really began to mean something. Personally, it was the thrill of my life to walk out on that stage with people just hemming the band in (some of the overflow audience actually sat on the stage) and hear the greeting the guys got."
-- from his landmark Carnegie Hall concert in 1938

"I don´t know. How much does Toscanini have?"
-- On the day of his celebrated Carnegie Hall concert in 1938, Goodman was asked how long an intermission he would want that evening.

"I remember Glenn Miller coming to me once, before he had his own band, saying ´How do you do it? How do you get started? It's so difficult.´ I told him, ´I don't know but whatever you do don´t stop. Just keep on going. Because one way or the other, if you want to find reasons why you shouldn´t keep on, you´ll find ´em. The obstacles are all there; there are a million of ´em. But if you want to do something, you do it anyway, and handle the obstacles as they come. Even to this day, I don´t like people walking on stage not looking good. You have to look good. If you feel special about yourself then you´re going to play special. Look, what I mean is this: if an individual allows his personal standard to be eroded, something of what he does is going to be compromised. It´s a matter of detail, sometimes when you start losing detail, whether it´s in music or in life, something as small as not sending a thank-you note, of failing to be polite to someone, you start to lose substance"